FJ & Joseph is an affordable food consultancy service for new start-ups, and existing small and medium food & beverage businesses in Singapore. We exist because of our personnel experiences are setting up café, restaurants and bar and we love to share our experience with aspiring entrepreneur planning to start a Food and Beverage business. We provide a flexible customization of our services to your needs.

FJ & Joseph provide efficient and practical solutions in every segment of the F&B industry so that they can become profitable and successful.

Depending on the scope of the project, we have certified chefs plus additional restaurant consultants, interior designers, graphic designers, and brand managers that are pulled from on an as-needed basis. If you are starting a quick-service restaurant, sports bar, fine dining establishment or anything in between; an educated, experienced, and talented team will work with you to develop, enhance, or expand your unique property.

Our consultants will listen to your needs and craft a customized package to fit your budget. We also offer an assortment of educational seminars to guide you through the start-up or development phase.