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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or thinking if F&B business is right for you and wanted to find out a little more before investing your money, you can join our twice monthly half day workshop to find out more about setting up a café or restaurant.

Everything you need to plan a successful cafe or restaurant. How to create a popular concept, choose a good location, prepare for competition, locate suppliers and find good staff. The legal, financial and personal aspects of your business will be at the forefront of all discussions – set-up costs, total investment, partnership issues and ‘bottom line’ success.

This is a very practical course run by former restaurant owners (now consultants) with many years of experience. Included in the course fee is a private one-hour consultation on your individual plans.

If you want to learn or are interested in Starting Your Own Cafe or Restaurant in Singapore, then this course is for you.

Course Content

During this course the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the variable nature of Adult Education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

Starting a restaurant

Getting started in the food business

Are you ready for the challenge?

How much profit should I expect to make?

Franchise or not?

How to decide on a concept

How to decide on a location

Renting a restaurant

Designing your restaurant

Designing the menu

Costs of setting up a restaurant

Equipment and fit out

Raising finance

Deciding on a legal structure

The environmental health service

Other paperwork


What tax will you need to pay?

Restaurant organisations


By the end of this course you will have learned how to:

  • understand current hospitality trends and the competitive pressures facing restaurants and cafes in Singapore
  • calculate the profit potential of a typical small restaurant or cafe
  • understand the issues involved in buying an existing business that is for sale
  • understand the broad legal issues involved and locate specialist advice
  • prepare for the recruitment of staff suitable for their business
  • locate sources of equipment and supplies for a new business
  • understand the key design issues for a small restaurant or cafe

Other information

The fee includes a consultation for each student after the workshop.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Please call 91803079 or send your interest to joanne@fjnjoseph.com to apply.