Our Role

What We Do

Concept Design

You cannot start designing your restaurant in isolation or in a vacuum. Concept designs for restaurants involve many factors including market research, SWOT analysis, supply chain considerations, emerging trends, and target clientele. Once a concept is decided, the dreary task of budgeting for restaurant design and renovation looms. Sometimes, this can turn off many aspiring restaurateurs. We don’t want to see your passion blunted by the nitty-gritty of setting up a business. We are here to lend our expertise.

Brand Consulting

The restaurant experience in the age of enhanced connectivity is unfortunately more than just about good food. The power of social media has raised the standards of the food business with instant reviews. Restaurants have to be on their toes at all times lest they receive bad reviews. This is a reality. Obviously, good food is a must, but the holistic experience of going out to a restaurant cannot be ignored by start-up restaurants or those trying to rebrand themselves. High standards of service, good food and a compelling ambience all go hand in hand. We will help you develop a brand that contains a potent combination of these elements.

Food and Menu Development

Developing food and menus is not an easy task as there is a multitude of external factors to consider. Our consultants have created thousands of menus and menu items. Understanding what should go into a menu is a balancing act that comes with experience. We will work closely with you to develop food and menus that best serve the needs of your target clientele.

Staff Training

We will help you to create employee training plans for your restaurant. A list of training goals has to be set that range from welcoming and greeting clientele to answering questions about food, taking orders and using digital tools for entering orders. We will help you navigate such training plans so as to enhance the service quality of your human capital.

Food Delivery Solutions

The market for food delivery is rapidly changing with online food-delivery platforms expanding choice and convenience, allow people to order from a wide array of restaurants and food outlets. This adds a new layer of competition to the food business. We have the expertise and resources to find food delivery solutions that are a right fit for your start-up restaurant.

Customer Relations

Successful businesses are clear about what their customers want and this applies to the restaurant business too. We can assist you in avoiding the minefields when it comes to customer relations. Any restaurant, new or old, are captive to what customers say about them. We can help you manage this process with our proprietary eBingo customer rewards and retention program.